Metro to spend $650,000 to ‘educate’ voters with Tax $$$$

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Metro is spending $650,000, HCC is spending $300,000, and HISD is spending $198,000 in public funds to educate voters on the bonds and referendums related to their agencies in November, according to the Houston Chronicle:

Metro chairman Gilbert Garcia said he expects the board to approve $650,000 for the informational campaign next week.

“We want to have adequate funds to make people aware of where their tax dollars are going so they can make an informed choice,” Garcia said, noting that Metro’s service area is larger than those of the other local entities with ballot measures. Metro covers 15 cities, including Houston, and parts of four counties.

Garcia said the agency faces a challenge to explain its complicated item, which concerns its general mobility program. If the referendum passes, Metro would keep diverting part of its sales tax revenue to help local governments with road work.