FACT: The Houston region plans to spend $330.55 or more per person on roads in the next year, more than other any major metro are in the country.

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More roads lead to more cars on the road.  A strong transit system gets people out of their cars, saving them money on gas, maintenance, insurance, and parking.  Transit is a healthier option too, improving overall air quality and personal fitness. In Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, and San Francisco commuters can park the car and make ...

FACT: Returning the ¼¢ to Metro adds $2.5 billion to Metro’s revenues over the next 10 years.

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          That $2.5 billion can build a lot of bus and rail service.  But the only way to return that money to Metro is to vote AGAINST the referendum.  Vote AGAINST the referendum so that Metro can complete the plan you, the voters, approved in 2003.

FACT: Passing the referendum limits Metro improvement programs.

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Anticipated programs including additional bus routes, better bus service frequency, new shelters, more Park & Ride service, fleet expansion, and Metro Rail service will be negatively impacted if the GMP continues.  Find this information at http://www.ridemetro.org/AboutUs/Referendum/PDFs/GHP_Referendum_%20Presentation_27July2012.pdf . Then vote AGAINST the referendum to have better bus and rail service.

FACT: Metro cannot build new rail lines if the referendum passes.

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In a public presentation Metro explained that if the GMP stays in place it will not be able to build any new rail lines until at least 2028.  That’s after the proposed GMP expansion expires.  If the referendum fails and GMP ends as scheduled in 2014, Metro expects to resume rail construction between 2018 and ...

FACT: A vote AGAINST means the GMP will end in September 2014.

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If the GMP ends, Metro will keep all of its sales tax revenue to use to improve transit services.  This is clearly stated in Metro’s referendum brochure.  See for yourself at http://www.ridemetro.org/AboutUs/Referendum/PDFs/GMP_Brochure_100812.pdf.  Vote AGAINST the referendum to end the unfair distribution of sales tax and allow Metro to expand transit services. It also means that ...

FACT: Last month Metro celebrated its 100th new bus shelter of 2012.

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Bus shelters improve the riding experience.  Metro says that bus shelters can increase ridership at a stop by an average of 20 riders per day.  Yet, according to Metro’s presentation on July 27, 2012, continuing to fund the GMP will limit the bus shelter program.  Without the GMP, Metro will expand the bus shelter program.  ...

Don’t let this happen to you!

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From the article “When No Means Yes” in Free Press Houston. If yes wins, then the possibility of further expanding the rail system vanishes for a decade or more. If no wins, there might be a fight with the Mayor or the Legislature, but the possibility of expanding the system comes to life.

FACT: If passed, the Metro referendum locks in the GMP through 2025.

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That’s right. This year’s kindergartners will be finishing their first semester of college when the proposed extension of the GMP expires.  Where does that leave Metro Rail expansion?  According to Metro’s own presentation at a public meeting, if the referendum passes Metro will not resume construction on new rail lines until 2028 to 2030.

Are we liars? No.

Are we liars? No.

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Houston Mayor Annise Parker recently told the Examiner newspapers that “the idea that rejecting the referendum and returning the quarter-cent to Metro would speed up rail is a ‘flat out lie.’” Additionally, she said “This vote has nothing to do with rail. It doesn’t help rail, it doesn’t hurt rail.” Whoops. As it happens, both ...

FACT: Houston’s Metro Rail has the most ridership per mile of any modern light rail line in the country.

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Only Boston’s 100-year old Green line boasts more riders per mile.  Houstonians like rail and want more of it. Passing the Metro referendum puts a stop to light rail expansion.  Voters approved a transit plan in 2003 that includes the University Line – connecting the densely populated Gulfton area to education and employment opportunities, and ...